Out of this World Crate (Age 3-6)
$ 47.95

3...2...1... Blast Off!

This limited edition premium box for kids aged 3-6 features the incredible Katherine Johnson whose mathematical genius helped NASA land people on the moon (and bring them back safely!). Katherine was hired to work in a segregated area for women of colour back in the 1950's and experienced significant racism and sexism throughout her career. Despite the challenges, she became one of the most lauded staff members at NASA for her ability to manually calculate incredibly complex formulas.

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Included in this crate:
✔ read about Katherine Johnson in "You Should Meet Katherine Johnson" by Thea Feldman
✔ Blast off into outer space with a water-fueled hydro rocketship
✔ Make moon dough and complete each of your space missions using special figurines
✔ Design and colour your own rocketship
✔ instruction cards for each activity
✔ all the supplies needed
✔ monthly letter to the family with discussion questions related to the month's theme
✔ extra surprises