Out of this World Crate (Age 6-9)
$ 47.95

3...2...1... Blast Off!

This limited edition premium box for kids aged 6-9 features the incredible Dr. Mae Jemison, first woman of colour in outer space. Her accomplishments and barrier-breaking inspired generations of girls to pursue their dreams in space, medicine and engineering!

All Kidspire Crates come ready-to-play meaning there's no hunting around for supplies! Simply receive your delivery and enjoy!

Included in this crate:
✔ read about Dr. Mae in "You Should Meet Mae Jemison" by Laurie Calkhoven
✔ Make your own galaxy in a jar and learn about the different properties of liquids
✔ Discover the ancient art-form of quilling and create a solar system of planets and stars
✔ instruction cards for each activity
✔ all the supplies needed
✔ monthly letter to the family with discussion questions related to the month's theme
✔ extra surprises